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Lunchbox Wars!

Mum vs. Dad Lunchbox Wars: Back-to-School Edition with Decor Australia!

Calling all lunchbox enthusiasts and snack superheroes! 

As the back-to-school season approaches, We want to know, who does lunchboxes better? Mum or Dad? To find out, we put Matty & Sarah Fahd to the test. These Gogglebox superstars go head to head for their son, Malik’s seal of approval. Watch Matty & Sarah Fahd battle it out to make the best lunch box for their son Malik.

Bringing out the big guns with delicious fresh fruit & organic dark chocolate is Matty! Matty continues giving healthy snack ideas with seaweed snacks & cut up figs. Matty showcases a healthy and balanced packed lunch for Malik with loads of snack options!

Mum Sarah reveals she's brought out her secret weapon: marshmallows! Sarah shows off the diverse rainbow lunch she's made for Malik using easy healthy snacks like mixed berries and string cheese. Add blanched broccoli to your bento box lunch rotation to get an extra veg into your kids lunch box. 

How will Matty compete against Sarah’s secret weapon? Who will emerge victorious in the battle for lunchbox supremacy? Let's find out!

Watch the series

You can find all Decor products in Big W. From colourful bento boxes to leak-proof snack containers, Decor has you covered in the search for the ultimate lunchbox.

So, whether you're Team Mum, Team Dad, or just a lunchbox enthusiast looking for inspiration, Decor Australia is here to elevate your back-to-school lunch game. Embrace the chaos, revel in the creativity, and let your own lunchbox wars begin!

If you’re out of lunch box ideas for kids, and bento box lunch ideas, here’s a few suggestions: 

  • Try these viral wraps
  • Fresh carrot sticks & dip
  • Tasty Vegemite scrolls
  • Using cookie cutters, create shapes and fun patterns in the fruit to get the kids excited to eat healthier
  • Quick & easy brownies
  • Get the kids involved and make some homemade Anzac biscuits

We suggest getting a personalised bento and allowing the kids to decorate their bento box themselves!

What will you be making for your kids lunches this year?