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Mummy Bark

What could be better than this easy no bake, four ingredient dessert! No tricks here just treats!

1 x Oreo family pack or other sandwich cookies
1 x Block of Milk Chocolate
1 x Block of White Chocolate 
1 x Pack of edible eyeballs

1. Crush the oreos or cookies of choice by putting them in a bag (our reusable bags are perfect for this), sealing the bag, and using a rolling pin to break the cookies. Don't worry about removing the cream layer.
2. Melt milk chocolate until smooth and then stir through the oreos until well coated.
3. Spread the chocolate cookie bark in a lined Tellfresh 1.75l slice container and place in the fridge to harden.
4. Melt white chocolate until smooth. Separate the white chocolate here, smoother most of it all over the milk chocolate cookie bark and the rest will get drizzled on top with the eyes.
5. Add edible eyes all over.
6. Drizzle remaining white chocolate all over the bark as to resemble a mummy’s bandages. 
7. Let the bark harden and then... chop!

Make sure you get some before the kids, we guarantee this wont last long!