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Adding Hidden Veggies To Your Diet

Trying to keep your veggies out of sight and out of mind to trick yourself into loving them?
We have all of the tricks of the trade to make your veggies fun, yum and under the radar.

Heres some tips on how to sneak the goodness of veggies into your meals: 

  1. When making mashed potatoes, add carrot, peas or even butter beans to your mash and you still get the benefits of the mash but with additional fibre!
  2. Using your favourite brownie recipe, add in grated zucchini for extra moisture and added veg intake for the day!
  3. Add greens to your smoothies! Where you would normally make a banana smoothie, just throw in some baby spinach or kale for extra boost of iron!
  4. Give your Mac and cheese a mature (and healthy) makeover by mixing in some spinach, tomatoes, peas, or broccoli. Pro Tip: Cooking it from scratch with whole-grain pasta makes it not only better tasting, but better for you too.
  5. Add grated veg such as zucchini and carrot into your pastas, this bulks up your pasta and doesn’t impact taste
  6. Turn your veg into fries! Fries don’t have to be just potato, slice up some zucchini, green beans or carrots, batter and fry up for a twist on a naughty treat.
  7. Bake your veg into your favourite sourdough loaf. Zucchini is always a favourite, but squash, carrots, and beets also make good bread additions. Add some berries for a splash of colour and a zing of tartness.
  8. Puree cauliflower and add as a layer on your lasagne (instead of béchamel sauce).
  9. Serve your scrambled eggs with minced broccoli. 
  10. When serving your risotto, mix with a carrot puree. It gives your risotto a fun colour as well as one whole serve of vegetables!