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Super Storer™ Bulk Food Container, 8.5L

Tellfresh™ Super Storers™ are versatile large storers that are comfortable to carry and, if up on a shelf, are easy to reach with one hand. Ideal for storing bulk foods like rice, pasta and sugar the containers feature a useful handle for easy carrying. Also perfect for organising toys, DVDs, craft, pet food and workshop items. Super Storer™s nest inside one another when empty to save space and are clearly marked with graduated measurements. Available in four handy sizes from 2.5L to 12.5L.
Clear, transparent lid
238 x 238 x 228

Graduated Measures



Nesting Storage

Microwave Reheat

Freezer Safe

Product Features:
• Marked with graduated measurements.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Microwave safe.
• Freezer safe.
• BPA Free.

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Tellfresh™ is the ultimate food storage solution! Suitable for the fridge, freezer and pantry this modular system will help restore order to your kitchen while keeping your food fresh.

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