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Lunch Box Ideas for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get creative with your little one's school snacks. Whether you're planning a classroom party or just want to make lunchtime extra special, get our top tips on how to assemble a ghoulishly good bento box.

1. Creepy Babybel Monsters:
Babybel cheeses are not only great source of protein for your kids, but adding some creative touches can make them look like edible monsters. Here's how to make them:
- Use a small paring knife to carve out some spooky faces in the signature red wax. Think triangular eyes, crooked grins, and pointy noses. (We've added on candy eyes with a blob of icing).

2. Spiderlicious Oreos:
Turn those classic Oreo cookies into creepy-crawly Spider Oreos:
- Take regular Oreo cookies and twist them apart.
- Place pretzel sticks (thin, preferably) into the creamy filling to create spider legs. You'll need eight legs for each spider.
- Place the top cookie back on, securing the pretzel legs in place with a dab of icing or peanut butter.
- Finish by adding two small candy eyes using a bit of icing as "glue."
- Arrange the Spider Oreos in another compartment of your Bento Box.

3. Healthy Haunting Pumpkins:
Create the ultimate pumpkin vibe with these super easy mandarin 'pumpkins'.
- Simply peel off the outer layer 
- Using a portion of your stick pretzel, add a 'pumpkin' stem

4. Cucumber Ghosts:
A great way to get the kids excited about veggies is by creating these cute little cucumber ghosts 
- Slice a cucumber in half and then thinly slice lengthways. 
- Carefully using a knife, slice out three triangles side by side from the bottom half of the cucumber (not the rounded end)
- Then using a straw, poke out two holes towards the rounded end to look like eyes. 

5. Spooktacular Sandwiches:
- Create a fun twist on the classic sandwich by cutting your sandwich into 4 mini squares and stacking them on top of each other to look like  mummy. For the bigger kids, you can add a skewer to ensure the mini sandwiches stay in place! 

The Triple Split Bento Box is the perfect canvas for your Halloween creations. Featuring three compartments, making it easy to separate different snacks and keep them fresh. Plus, its leak-proof design ensures that your treats won't mix and make a mess.