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Keep Your Fridge Fresh and Organised!

A well-organized fridge is the heart of an efficient kitchen, making meal prep a breeze and ensuring your food stays fresh and easily accessible. You can transform your fridge into a functional and stylish space by employing smart storage strategies. Today, we'll explore how innovative storage solutions can revolutionise the way you organise your fridge and simplify your daily routine.

Maximise Freshness and Visibility:

Transparent and airtight containers are the key to keeping your fridge organised and your food fresh. Utilise clear containers to identify the contents and reduce food waste easily. Stack them neatly to maximise space and create a clutter-free environment.

Efficient Space Utilization:

Make the most of your fridge's vertical space using stackable containers and adjustable shelves. Place frequently used items at eye level for easy access and reserve the lower shelves for heavier items.

Smart Storage for Fresh Produce:

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer by storing them in designated bins or drawers with humidity controls. Separate fruits from vegetables to prevent them from ripening or wilting prematurely.

Organised Drink Storage:

Designate a specific area for water bottles, soft drinks, and juices. Consider using a clear storage caddy to group items, making it easy to grab.

Meal Planning and Prep:

Designate a section of your fridge for prepped ingredients and meal portions. Use clear containers or reusable bags to store pre-cut vegetables, marinated meats, and leftover meals. This makes meal planning and cooking a breeze during busy days.

Labelling System:

Implement a labelling system to keep track of food expiration dates and leftovers. We suggest removable labels or writing directly on containers with a whiteboard marker for easy clean-up.

De-clutter Regularly:

Set a weekly routine to declutter and clean your fridge. Dispose of expired items and wipe down spills to maintain a fresh and organised environment.

With a few simple adjustments and innovative storage solutions, you can create a fresh, organised fridge space that enhances your kitchen experience. These practical tips will elevate your fridge organisation game and simplify your daily routine. Remember to share your fridge transformations with us! Tag @decoraustralia - we would love to see how you organise your fridge for ultimate efficiency and style!