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How to Deep Clean Your Drink Bottle

We know how funky your kids drink bottles can get when they’ve been sitting in a school bag for two weeks without being washed! Use this super handy hack to help deep clean your drink bottles.

Step one: Remove cap and pour in approximately 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice.
Step two: Half fill drink bottle with warm/hot water.
Step three: Add a drop of dishwashing liquid and replace cap.
Step four: Once cap is secured, shake bottle enough to move around the rice within the bottle to get in all the nooks. Shake for approx. 1-2 minutes.
Step five: Remove  cap and drain contents through a strainer so the rice does not clog up your sink.
Step six: Continue with steps 2-5 until water is running clear and all the rice has been removed from the product.
Step seven: If your drink bottle has a straw, use a straw cleaner to thoroughly clean the straw and spout area. Ensure you use hot water and dish soap to clean the product effectively. Run water through the spout again to get all remnants of soap out of the spout.
Step eight: Allow your bottle to air dry completely before refilling with water.

Watch the how to video below: