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Summer Holiday Activities

Summer school holidays can seem to drag on for weeks and weeks! We’ve come up with some ways to keep the kids entertained on the cheap these school holidays. 

  • Organise a treasure hunt for the kids. 

Hide clues around the house to see who can figure out where the treasure is the fastest. (Your treasure could be anything!)

Hint: our Tellfresh containers are a great place to ‘hide’ your clues in plain sight!

  • Get the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine with a little athletes competition! 

Hosting a cartwheel competition is great fun for the kids and gives you some well deserved sit-down time 😉

  • Organise a bedroom/toy-room makeover

Using the Tellfresh Superstorer containers, you can fit bulk toys keeping your house feel much tidier!

  • Run a cooking/baking competition

Reap the benefits of your kids doing the cooking by hosting a mini Masterchef cook off! Find our fun recipes here.

Hint: Decor’s Microsafe has easy microwave cooking options!

  • Take the kids for a walk and get them to find things along your walk.

Creating a fun scavenger hunt encourages your kids to view their surroundings in greater detail.

Find our version below:

  • Have a crafting session

Kids benefit from crafting! It helps improve a child’s concentration and ability to follow instructions. From painting to paper chains, you can get crafting for a fun stay home activity. 

Hint: don’t forget to store your crafts in Decor’s Tellfresh for easy & neat clean up.